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Creative Commons License Policy

In the interest of sharing like a good boy, I have placed the pictures found in this blog under the dumbed-down legalese of the good folks at Creative Commons. Basically, you are free to put my pictures in your blog or Facebook or MySpace or Twitter saying "Oh my God he's so awesome at photography", or use them in your montages or pamphlets or projects or Photoshopping whims, but only if you are not doing it for profit, and only if you agree to put your resulting work(s) under the same license I am using now.

This is however, a blanket policy, and depending on what you wish to do I may give exception to the noncommercial rule. You can drop me a mail at wongrenhaoatgmaildotcom and explain your purposes to me. Just don't assume you can use it without asking first, because I am actually quite proud of my work.

Read Creative Commons' version of the license here.