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There. Photoblog. I've done it. There's really not much to introduce about except the geek stuff, which I thought of getting to at the end of this post but apparently the post will flow better if I run it this way.

Camera: Canon G11
Flash: Canon 270EX
Computer: MacBook Pro (1st gen unibody)
Photo editor: iPhoto, and a healthy dose of PS CS4 where necessary or funny.

... well that wasn't that geeky after all. And it can't be, when you aren't using a DSLR. PFAHA? You love photography enough to set up a photoblog and you can't even be bothered to get a DSLR first? POSEUR!

I do kinda regret not getting a DSLR, but that regret is born not out of a wrong decision but circumstance. There are plenty of things I dislike about my G11, starting with its inability after all that extra cash and features to do a decent nightshot. But as I've told everyone, I want the flexibility of distance more than anything else, and for now at least, I am willing to sacrifice a standard image sensor of a DSLR, for the slightly smaller sensor of the prosumer G11, and be able to switch from 5x zoom to 5mm macro focus in a second, instead of fumbling stupidly for my uber power macro lens and losing the monarch butterfly that landed next to me in the process.

So I have to apologize if the pictures appear grainy from time to time. I try my best to compose a perfect shot off the bat but I'd rather show you something nice with abit of grain than delete a good moment because that bit of fuzziness makes it look less than wonderful. And who are you anyway, Ken Nakamura? Shut up. (If you are Ken Nakamura, say what you like sir.)