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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Me snapping the War Monument at the War Memorial Park, South Korea, snapped on a Lumix FX-12 by Spencer Liao

Some people have winced or gasped when I told them that I'm allergic to peanuts. I have winced and gasped when my friend told me how her friend was allergic to chocolate. If you have ever winced or gasped at the thought of someone missing something really good in life, then you know why I smile sadly at people who say they don't understand shutterbugs at all. Because they don't. They really don't. Not even after saying it themselves.


  1. i think it's time you switch to 2:3 ratio...

  2. I want that too but my cam shoots in 4:3 with a 2:3 guide mark. I know how dumb is that -.-