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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


About a month ago, I decided to stick my greedy fingers out there, and just join any competition or contest (legit looking ones, I'm not about to click the big red YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!! banner) to see if I can snag myself anything. I've joined two Twitter contests for 5DMk2s, and a FB photo competition vying for an iPad.

This FB competition is actually an FB page started by my dear friend Willy Foo, called Photo Tourism. I guess it's quite self-explanatory. I hadn't met him in awhile, but when we both happened to attend the same event recently, he told me to my immense surprise that my photo got shortlisted.

The Statue of Brothers, Korean War Memorial, Seoul, South Korea

I took this while I was in Korea. It wasn't exactly evening, it was more like late afternoon (5ish I think) but I just flicked my G11 to the Sunset mode anyway to get the enhanced orange colors (which is still relatively weak in view of the time) and the high contrast which resulted in the firm solid silhouette you see. I knew it was a keeper immediately (not because I so damn good, mind, but only because of right place right time), and for a short while it was my trophy display as my laptop's wallpaper. As I said though I was just trying my luck, and I didn't expect anything out of it. In fact, I totally forgot about that page until Willy told me.

The iPad obviously still mattered, but suddenly I wanted people to Like my photo (that's how they tallied the votes of course) because it touched them, not so much for the iPad anymore. And I thought to myself "What a huge about-turn of perspective!" And in that sense I realised that photographers too are attention-seekers and artists in a way. It's just that we use pictures to speak up, instead dying our hair hot pink and wearing chocolate skirts.

Well, the photo didn't make it to the second round of shortlisting to the top 20, but after looking at the other shortlists, I would have been far more surprised if I made it through. I mean OMG see for yourselves.

I have a nice photo, I will be the first to tell you that. But that's nowhere near these stone cold stunners.

While we're here, vote for your favorite photo! You won't win anything, but remember kids, good deeds always make a U-turn!

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